Product Buyer Tutorials

This page is a collection of tutorials and other posts for customers of my products. This page shall help you getting started with using my products to create stunning designs.Check out my store if you want to be a customer and help me create even more amazing resources! Installing Brushes For installing photoshop, affinity or gimp brushes, check out the following tutorial: Using Included Styles The styles which are included in my package or can be downloaded from here, can be used in the following way: Enhance Solid Color Layer When using brushes I recommend painting them on the mask of a solid color layer. This will allow you to do enhancements like the following: Fire Effect Tutorials Check out my Fire Effect tutorials and learn how to create fire with smoke brushes: Youtube Tutorials I made some few youtube tutorials, feel free to check them out: Brushes vs. Overlays Here you will find some good reasons why to use brushes instead of overlays: Changing PNG Colors Most of my products include PNG files of the designs as black on transparent. On the following page you get some simple instructions on how to change the color […]

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