PESA – Performance Engineering Sample Application


The Performance Engineering Sample Application contains over 60 coding examples for various performance topics. The examples can directly be executed through the user interface and respond various metrics like the execution time of the code.

Browser-side examples are directly executed in the browser, what makes it easy to check how you specific browser behaves for each example.


The application is intended for training purposes, giving developers and performance engineers a good reality about what potential performance improvements are. Through the direct comparison of the examples the trainees will see how big the impact of a specific performance improvement is, what will enable them to make better decisions to get the most value out of their performance engineering tasks.


  • Over 60 executable examples
  • Overview of all examples to search for specific topics
  • Code samples
  • Covers the following topics
    • Coding
      • Variable Declaration
      • Doing Precalculations
      • for-statement
      • Looping Array
      • Numbers
      • Javascript – with statement
      • Javascript – JQuery.each()
    • Browser
      • Reduce DOM Access
      • Reduce DOM Size
      • Manipulate before adding to DOM
      • Inline Javascript
      • JQuery $(…) vs. document.getElementBy*()
      • CSS versus Inline Styles
      • Few versus many css classes
    • Serverside
      • Design by Exception
      • Excessive Logging
      • Data Formats
      • Integer Primitives vs. Objects
      • String Concatenation vs. Buffer
    • Database
      • Where Clause – OR vs IN
      • Reuse Connections