Smoke Brushes


My smoke brushes can be found for commercial use in the following products in my shops:

For non-commercial use you can find smoke brushes on my deviantart profile:


I always wanted to have a simple way to create some fire effects in photoshop. Using pictures of real fire somehow often did not end up how I wanted it, also taking good pictures of fire is also not that easy. I thought about how I could do it, and I got the idea when I would color smoke like fire this should end up pretty neat. So I did a lot of pictures of smoke, changed them into photoshop brushes and tweaked the layer styles to a color which ended up quite close to fire. I want to share with you these brushes, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

The packages include photoshop styles which can be used to create a nice fire effect with the brushes.

  • For Photoshop / Affinity Photo
  • created with Photoshop
  • High Resolution 1000 – 2500px
  • Included fire styles to create a fire effect in combination with the smoke brushes


This brushes are useful to:

  • To put some extra smoke on cigarettes
  • As a background decoration
  • Using them on pictures which have some magical or fantasy topic
  • creating fire effects


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