CSV Comparator




CSV Comparator is a free to use tool for comparing files which contain CSV-Data. It was created for performance engineers to be able to have a easy way to compare data from two testruns and be able to automate the comparing process of various files with scripts.
There is a command line tool as well as a user interface.

In case you need to compare .xml-Files you can convert them to .csv-Files with my other project CSV Transformer.

The advantages by using CSV as input and output are the following:

  • Many applications allow an export of its data to CSV or Excel(were it could be saved to CSV)
  • It is possible to pre- and postprocess the data, e.g removing version numbers before comparing
  • It is easy to create CSV data from logfiles and other resources by using unix tools like sed or awk
  • CSV can be loaded into other applications, especially Excel, were it can be formatted by macros for analyzing.


  • Comparing .csv-Files column-wise
  • Compare difference, difference in percentage or as strings
  • Reading files with any delimiter, with or without quotes
  • Making row identifiers unique before comparing
  • Divide/Multiply values before comparing
  • Comparing .csv-Files containing sections of data (see top level feature)
  • Write result with or without quotes
  • sorting the result
  • GUI: saving/loading of config files
  • GUI: saving of bash scripts