Checklist: Engineer a Better Sleep

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical doctor nor any other form of officially labeled health practitioner. What you try to help yourself is as anything else in your life based on your own choice and you therefore you are fully responsible for any issues which might arise from your own choices. I will not take any responsibility for you not knowing the limits of your own body. Please be aware that this is a blog post and not a medical journal.DISCLAIMER ABOUT THE DISCLAIMER: I’m an engineer and the only thing I’m interested in are things that work. Therefore I have abadoned the scholastic medical system for most of my issues as they rarely found a solution and only suggested threatments for eternity or until my current body dies(so my trust in the medical threatment system is fairly low). The only reason above disclaimer is placed here is because we currently live in a society where we have a small amount of people who like to not take responsibility for their life choices and rather bring people to the court because they were not informed that they have to double check the information they have consumed from a blog post. Anyway, […]

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