List of Funny Random Job Titles

I am currently creating a statistics management software. For that I needed some test data. I put together a small amount of code to create random job titles. Here is a list of some of the funniest that the generator spit out.I leave the interpretation to you what kind of work is connected with those jobs. Over-Emotional Organization Troublemaker Vital Information Destroyer Trustworthy Food Whisperer Digital Performance God Executive Software Ninja Vanishing Tiramisu Expert Professional Information Magician Clueless Security Administrator Lost Food Genius Chief Dream Deputy Aspiring Area Slave Effective Underworld Locator Lunatic Promotion Engineer Over-Emotional Cheerleader Accelerator Vanishing Software Director Neglected Conversation Registrar Chief Executive Cleaner Accredited Internet Neglector Abstract Cream Officer Vital Workaround Designer Accredited Catastrophe Administrator Master Unicorn Expert Logical Health Creator Chief Coping Genius Academic Media Whisperer Certified Dream Listener Satisfied Catastrophe Locator Overlord Machine Commander King Catastrophe Creator Invasive Screaming Magician Clueless Communication Genius Emergency Dream Secretary Global Revenue Creator Empowering Machine Demi-God Interim Screaming Alchemist Paranoid Dream Cruncher Overlord Money Idler Lunatic Management Manager Certified Cream In-Charge Clueless Steam Maker Aspiring Paradise Executive Sovereign Realm Emperor Official Workaround Searcher Apocalyptic Cheerleader In-Charge Mental Catastrophe Educator Lunatic Organization Genius Senior Screaming Executive Lead Cream Leader […]

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