Signs you are working too long in IT

Here a parody for the signs you are doing your job for too long.
If you have any other ideas that should be added to this list feel free to put it in the comment.

  1. When something doesn’t go the right way, you start throwing exceptions at other people.
  2. While your girlfriend is writing a dairy, you write a log file.
  3. Simple reoccuring tasks, like ordering a pizza, are generally done by writing a script and executing it from the command line.
  4. You end most of your sentences with a semicolon.
  5. In discussions you make vast usage of if-else-statements.
  6. When writing a love letter you need an editor with syntax highlighting.
  7. Your friends don’t use WhatsApp or similar tools to contact you, but rather talk to you directly on the TCP/IP level.
  8. The pizza boy doesn’t ring the doorbell anymore, but takes the backdoor to the basement where he finds you somewhere in your private data center.
  9. A family weekend is generally planned using agile or similar means.
  10. Your daily life is organized with a kanboard.
  11. You speak more languages than most other people, including English, Java, Python, .Net and Groovy.
  12. You have never shown your children how to draw, but they are able to create web animations with Javascript since they are 6 years old.
  13. Hunting down an annoying fly is called debugging the room.
  14. Letters on valentines day are transferred in a highly encrypted manner. Your valentine needs at least a higher degree in cryptography to be able to decipher it.
  15. On halloween you go to a party as a blue screen of death.
  16. Most of your physical friends you know from a stackoverflow meetup.
  17. Your wife gave you the nickname “My beloved Add-on”.
  18. Most of your houshold electronics can be accessed by a single web interface.
  19. Christmas gifts are generally wrapped using a .zip-File.
  20. You don’t have a car, but you have your favorite train you call “Ruby on Rails”.
  21. You own enough WLAN repeaters to bring your WLAN from the basement up to the 6th floor and into the attic.
  22. Physical letters are generally scanned, so you can read it on a high resolution screen.
  23. When you get in a conflict with someone you open a ticket about the matter and assign it to him.
  24. You start referring to “mind” as “RAM” and “thoughts” as “threads”.
  25. When your non-techie friend tells you “I’m really good at multi tasking” you say “Please show me your system specifications”.
  26. When reading books you wonder why words like for, if and while are not highlighted.
  27. When hanging up your laundry for drying, you don’t simply hang it up, you put them into sophisticated arrays.
  28. You don’t realize when you said your wife is working on the final release, your friend didn’t understand that she currently is giving birth.
  29. Recently your object type in the active directory was change from “employee” to “inventory”.


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