Splash Brushes

Locations This brushes can be found in the following products in my shop: 2500 Photoshop Brushes: https://xresch.artstation.com/store/7eej6/2500-photoshop-brushes 38 Water Splash Brushes: https://xresch.artstation.com/store/by8k/38-water-splash-brushes-pngs Description This brushes where created to easily simulate water splashes in Photoshop. For Photoshop / Affinity / Procreate created with Photoshop CS3 created with Photoshop CS3 High Resolution 1000 – 2500px This brushes are useful to: Add splashes to pictures with rain Simulate waves clashing against objects In commercials related to drinks / bathrooms / swimming pools etc… As a background decoration

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