Brushes vs. Overlays

When I would have to choose if I must use brushes or overlays, I would reather go for brushes in most cases. On this page you will find some of my reasons why I prefer brushes, and a list of some cases where you are better of using overlays. So lets first check in which cases you want to prefer overlays instead of brushes. When to use Overlays There are some cases where you do not want to use brushes but rather want to go with these nice overlay images. One is when you need something with multiple colors, for example a bokeh overlay effect or a tattoo overlay on skin. Another good reason is when you need a really high resolution. For brushes to work with older Photoshop versions, I keep my brushes under 2500px in size(but above 2000px whenever possible). Also there is a maximum size for brushes in most graphic editors, and the bundles on the market also often do not contain a high enough resolution that would be needed for bigger printings. When you need a texture, for example in a 3D rendering, you also would rather go with Overlays than with brushes. Instead of first […]

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