Hi-Tech Circle Brushes

Locations This and simular brushes can be found in the following products in my creative market shop: https://xresch.artstation.com/store/AXX3/52-complex-futuristic-circle-brushes Description I once saw some really nice pictures of such futuristic high tech circles and tried to do some by myself. I got so into it that I created 198 simple circles which I used to create these 52 more complex  circles. In this product you will find: 52 Complex High Tech Circle Brushes with a high resolution of 2500 x 2500px PNGs for all brushes 19 coloring photoshop styles (working best with a white brush on a black background) Created with Photoshop CS6 These brushes are useful for: Futuristic designs Hi-Tech product commercials science fiction related topics Game Design Steam Punk Art Speed and Sport related topics High Precision topics Science and everything related to measuring numbers Technology designs Background design

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