Page Analyzer

Location Description Page Analyzer is a web application used to analyze HTTP Archive Files(HAR) and store the results in a database. The project was created for performance engineering purposes, to have an easy way to track common performance issues of web applications over time. Therefore it also features a compare functionality and several views to analyze the results and the raw data of the HTTP Archive. The analysis is based on a heavily improved version of the decommisioned YSlow Project, originally created by Yahoo. This provides the whole rule engine that was extended with several new rules. Features Upload .har-Files for analysis Analyze URL (Experimental) Result View: Analyze the results. Summary Rule Panels Table View Plain Text View JIRA Format View Statistics View Gantt Chart View Export CSV / JSON History View: List of all results created by the user. Open Result or Gantt Chart Open Application Link Compare Results Delete Results Download result or HAR as .json-File Gantt Chart View: Gantt Chart based on the HAR file. Analyze timings in a Gantt Chart Browser Details for each Request Analyze Cookies / Headers Compare View: Creates a table, each column contains one of the results selected on the History […]

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