Designers Creativity List

I created this list to help myself and you to boost your creativity. Creativity is the ability to create and to combine things so you create something new that did not exist before. So the inability or temporary issues with creativity people have with creating something new is often that they have issues thinking about the factors they could change or combine to create something new. Taking drugs, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods or just having issues with sleep(you might wanna read this) can cause a temporary decline in creativity or can even create a long lasting decrease of your ability to create. So you might want to consider those factors too.This list gives you ideas on what you can create and what factors you can change in your designs to get something new. How to work with this list: Browse through the list and find a factor you want to add or change in your design Choose multiple and create a design from scratch considering those factors If you have any more items to add to this list feel free to put them in the comments. Wish you a lot of fun creating new art! Lines Width Type: Solid, […]

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