Lightning Brushes

Locations This brushes can be found for commercial use on the following shops: ArtStation: Affinity Store: Creative Market: 2500+ Photoshop Brushes: 102 Lightning Brushes: For non-commercial use, you can find them on my deviantart profile: Description I found a good way to create lightning artificially, and this brush package is the result. These brushes are useful when you need to add electric effects to your designs, or when you want to add some “power” to a picture. Contents In this product you will find: 102 high resolution lightning and electricity brushes 2500 x 2500px created with Photoshop CS6 102 PNG Files, one for each brush 47 coloring photoshop styles (working best with a white brush on a black background) 6 photoshop styles for specifically to color lightning (see example pictures, works best on dark clouds) Usage These brushes are useful for: Put that missing lightning on that dramatic thunderstorm scene Free Energy, buy once and have your photoshop powered up forever Put that extra shock into your art To let energy flow through some product Electronic music party posters Insect traps (don’t overdo it, poor moskitos) Power Plant related topics High Voltage related topics Electronic […]

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