List of Free Song Cover / Youtube Thumbnail Images

Have you ever searched for an image useful for a song cover or a video thumbnail, but didn’t find anything useful? I got your back! I created several free Pixabay images with exactly this purpose in mind.
Most of the designs are round and centered, so that you can crop the image to a square and it still would look fine.
Just place your text and whatever else you need on the design and you are ready to go.

Most of the designs where created with products that you can find in my store.

Full size versions of the images can be downloaded from my Pixabay profile.

Melody of Fantasy

Just and abstract design that looks nice. (download here)

Created with: Line Ornaments | Simple Hi-Tech Circles | Fractal Decorations

Digital Hurricane

A technical wallpaper that can be useful in the context of science or digital topics. (download here)

Created with: Simple Futuristic Circles | Complex Futuristic Circles | Fractal Decorations | Circuits

Magic of Ascension

An image that can be useful for topics related to meditation and yoga. (download here)

Created With: Bokeh | Tattoos Toolkit | Simple Futuristic Circles | Line Ornaments

Space in the Forest

Tree arieal view cover image that can be useful for anything realted to nature. (download here)

Created with: Line Ornaments | Simple Hi-Tech Circles | Fractal Decorations

Ring of Fire

A buring image for anything that might be spicy and hot! (download here)

Created with: Fire Rings | Fire | Fractals

Smoke of Love

Heart shaped smoke with some tattoo decorations. (download here)

Ritual of Daemons

A bloody and dark background (download here)

Created With: Tattoo Toolkit | Blood (Water Splashes) | Smoke

Colorful Flower

A flower with nice coloring and some decorations. (download here)

Created with: Fractal Decorations

Futuristic Circle

The image that was used on multiple youtube song videos that inspired me to create this list. (download here)

Created with: Complex Futuristic Circles

Army of Spirographs

Just a lot of spirographs placed in a radial fashion. (download here)

Created with: Line Ornaments

Sliced Flower

Some abstract art that doesn’t need any regular watering. (download here)

Created with: Fractal Decorations

Radial Circles

Originally created as a cover image for my radial design pack, why not providing it as a free image? (download here)

Created with: Radial Design Bundle

Wireframe Speaker

A speaker made of a wireframe. (download here)



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