JAVA MON AMOUR: When IT just sucks

My friend Pierluigi, a very nice italian guy, recently made a small blog post on his website about my work. So i thought I return the favor and mention him on my blog as well.

When it comes to java engineering, Pierluigi is a real veteran. I first enjoyed working together with him in Zurich in one of the big banks there. He helped me out a lot with some troublesome Weblogic and Java issues, and supported me to give the project I worked on better advices on improving their application.

What I really love about his writing style is that he doesn’t mince matters and just lay things out as he is thinking about it. Especially I like his blog posts when he talks about something that “SUCKS”. We have a lot of such stuff in our daily IT life, even more when you work in a big company. Have some examples and check out the following articles:



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