Fire Effect: Enhancements with Solid Color Layer

Here are various ways how you can enhance a fire effect I have explained in the tutorial Fire Effect: Smoke Brushes and Layer Styles.

Adjust Layer Styles

Adjust the layer styles to change the overall colors.

Change Base Color

You can change the base color to give more vibrance to the fire. In the following example I use yellow instead of white.

Left: White Solid Color Layer
Right: Yellow Solid Color Layer

Brightness and Contrast

Adjust the brightness and contrast of the mask on the solid color layer.

Left: Original
Right: More Contrast & Less Brightness


Use levels to change the black and white can give you some nice effect, here an example

Left: Original
Right: With applied level adjustments


With Curves you have quite some flexibility. Play around to check what effects you can create.

Left: Original:
Right: With Applied Curves


Copy your layer and use another color as a backdrop to add some additional color.

Left: Original
Right: With blue backdrop


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