Fire Effect: Add Details

Here are some examples of how you can add details to the fire effect I have shown in the following tutorials:

Scattered Soft Brush as Sparkles

Use a soft brush and change the brush settings to get it scattering. This often results in a nice looking magical effect.

Left: Original
Right: With Soft Brush Sparkles

Dust as Sparkles

Use dust brushes or overlays to add some glimming sparkles to your fire. When using real dust, this results in a nice and natural effect.

Left: Original
Right: With added dust

Colorized Fire

Use another Solid colored layer with blend mode “Color” to colorize your fire. Especially blue and green look very great in combination with this fire effect.

Left: Original
Right: Colorized

Explosive Fire

Add yome burst to your fire to create an explosive effect. The brushes

Smoking Fire

Add smoke to your fire to to create a more special effect. In below example I used the color “#e3f7ff” to make the smoke look a bit more natural.


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