Changing Color of a PNG Image

Most of my products include PNG images, where a design is represented as black on a transparent background. People asked me how they can change the color of this design.
Here I will describe a simple way how you can do that in the free tool GIMP.


Before we start, saving of images in GIMP is not done using “File >> Save”, as this will save a file in the GIMPs own format.
If you want to save your image use “File >> Export”

Make it White

You can invert the color of the black PNG by using “Colors >> Invert”.

PNG with inverted colors.

Make it Colorful

With “Colors >> Hue Chroma” you can change the color which you choose by adjusting the Hue / Chroma / Lightness sliders.

Colorized from a Black base PNG

Exact Color

If you need to make it an exact color, choose your color as the foreground color:

Afterwards use “Colors >> Map >> Gradient Map” and the black transforms to the exact color:

Other Ways

Above are some few methods, there are other tools in Gimp you can use to change the color of a black PNG, like:

  • Colors >> Colorize
  • Colors >> Map >> Exchange Color
  • Colors >> Map >> Alien Map
  • Colors >> Map >> Palette Map



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